Belle Moyono is a main character of the show The Sister House. She is a mother of three children: Kiwi Bloodshedder, Madison Moyono-Bloodshedder, and Stacy



Belle is a very nice person. She lets out a different side of herself in some scenes that she likes to Madame Béllã. Belle is considered the nicer parent, as Moana is considered more protective of her kids. Belle has a bad addiction for cake, which has also passed on to Stacy.

Physical Appearance

Belle has long brown hair that is usually ratted due to her laziness. She is usually seen wearing shorts with no shoes, even in public!


Moana Waialiki

Moana and Belle are best friends. They have an amazing relationship and know each other better than themselves.

Kiwi Bloodshedder

Moania Pua-Wiki

Lea Clarkson

Addi Marzenia

Bailey Waialiki

Ari Waialiki


  • Belle has a huge fear of curly fries.
  • Belle has a favorite child (to be revealed in Season 2)


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